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It is an evolving situation and subject to change. If you have any enquiries about your obligations due to COVID restrictions, you should get legal advice. Changes to this area of law There have recently been changes to this area of law.

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We are working to review the information on this and how these changes may affect you. to get help. You have the right to remain silent, whether you have been stopped in the street, have agreed to go to the police station or are under arrest. However, the police do have the power to ask you basic questions and in some situations, you may be breaking the law if you refuse to answer. The police have wider powers to identify you if they reasonably suspect that you're part of a criminal organisation.

The police can use anything you say to them at any time. You don't have to be at a police station being interviewed for the information you provide to be used as evidence against you. The police may use what you say to decide whether or not to arrest or charge you, and this may be used against you in court.

Just because the police come to your home or call you and ask you to come to the station, this doesn't mean you have to go with them.

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Even if you go to the station, you still have the right to remain silent. See being arrested. Sometimes the police may tell you that you need to go to the station and make a statement on tape that you don't want to be interviewed —you don't have to do this. However, you may need to put in writing that you don't want to be interviewed.

In some situations, you will have to answer questions, or show the police things like identification or your licence. If you don't want to answer questions, and you're not sure whether you have to, get legal advice. The police will usually charge you anyway, whether you give an interview or not.

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You should get advice from a lawyer about whether you should agree to a police interview. The police must delay starting the interview for a reasonable amount of time for you to contact a lawyer for legal advice.

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The police can hold you for up to 8 hours for questioning, unless they get permission from a magistrate to extend the time. You have a right to get a copy of any statement you make to the police or a copy of any recorded interview. If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person aged 17 or over, special laws apply for questioning you about indictable offences. The police must inform you of your right to communicate with a friend, relative or lawyer, and they must notify or try to notify a representative of a legal aid organisation to tell them that you are in custody.

When in custody you should be given the opportunity to speak to someone who can help you with the interview before questioning starts, and they should be present during the interview. Young people can call LAQ LAQ to talk to a lawyer and get free and confidential legal advice about:.

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Following the commencement of Section of the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act, unless a police officer is aware the child has arranged for a lawyer to be present during questioning, or has spoken to a lawyer acting for the child, the police officer must:. We may give legal advice on most criminal law matters in Queensland. Community legal centres —may give free preliminary legal advice and information on some criminal law matters.

Contact them to find out if they can help. Queensland Law Society — can refer you to a specialist private lawyer for advice and representation. You should get your QP9 before getting legal advice. You can get your QP9 from the police prosecutor on your first court date the duty lawyer may be able to help you. State Penalties Enforcement Registry SPER is responsible for collecting and enforcing unpaid infringement notice fines, court ordered monetary fines and Offender Recovery orders issued in Queensland.

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You can make arrangements to pay fines weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Queensland Police Service Headquarters — investigates complaints about police misconduct and breaches of discipline. The internal complaints process is monitored by the Crime and Corruption Commission. Crime and Corruption Commission — investigates complaints about corrupt conduct and police misconduct, even where the original complaint has been made to Queensland Police.

The organisation monitors the police internal complaints process and can take over investigations, if necessary. Queensland Courts provides information about the:. Main Content Anchor Talking to the police. Related information Being arrested Being held in police custody Bail Warrants Police searches without a warrant Being charged with an offence Publications and resources Have you been charged with an offence?

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Any woman cop wanna chat

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