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After taking out a 3rd mortgage on their home, they opened their first restaurant in Newbury Park, California. Franchising operations began in and bythe company had 31 locations. Baja Fresh is a chain of casual dining restaurants offering Tex-Mex style cuisine.

Today, the company has locations in 29 U. Inthe company closed all 5 Arizona locations without notice. Baja Fresh continues to expand internationally, with the latest restaurant opening in Portugal in January The company maintains a corporate officein Scottsdale, Arizona. On I visited store pm Meridian, Id. Ordered 2 steak Mexicano burritos. Very unpleasant experience.

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Reply The Palo Alto store was closed last weekend and is closed again this weekend. Is it out of business? Reply StoreWoodland Hills Check pm. I literally saw cook remove meat from Tostada and added salad and fixed the box and pushed it in the front to employee Gloria to bag it. I confronted Employee Gloria and asked her why did you instruct cook to remove meat and fixed Tostada with salad? I told her that I am a vegetarian and my entire order has no beef or chicken item.

She then trashed the Tostada and made me a new one. One of the worst dinner experiences and store was not busy at all. Reply Placed an ordered today on line. Would not take the promo code on line. I feel like the coupon should have been honored. It was valid and there was a place to put the code in. This is theft. The store is also dirty, restroom even dirtier and the clerk was very indifferent. I have been in other Baja Fresh before and this was a restaurant that ranks the worst.

Order tacos with rice and black beans and my mom had a chicken plate any way the rice was way over cooked and no flavor in any of the food the rice taste like water. We did not eat the food it was so bad I spoke with the manager and she would not refund me my I ordered a chicken tostada and the chicken was so hard that I could have broke a tooth. We also had three fish tacos that were ordered americano style. The manager said there was no order even though we had an confirmation. I asked for the phone which they did not have. I asked if the main manager could call me with the I formation, still no call.

This is terrible Customer Service 5 Times I asked for help. Reply I want to start off saying I really love the food from Baja Fresh. Our office phone orders from the West Hills, Ca location once a week. Last Friday I placed a phone order. She repeated my order to me and my boss was sitting there while I placed it and heard me say add chicken to the sal.

What did I get? I called to let them know that they got my order all wrong and the girl who answered the phone said that they would replace a kids meal because that was all that was wrong. What about the chicken on the sal and the other bag of chips? So today I thought I would give them a chance to get it right and ordered again by phone.

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Bridgett helped me and I ordered exactly the same thing. This time the sal were right but the kids meal had rice instead of black beans and there were only two bags of chips again. There are 3 people eating 3 things ordered why do they always give less chips?? Am I being unreasonable to ask for a small bag per person? Its so annoying!!! How hard is it to get a simple order right? We do not have time for someone to take the food back so they can correct our order. I think all 3 of us should get a free lunch. I wonder if Baja Fresh would get it right the 3rd time!! I feel better now! Reply Maybe if you have time it would pay to check the order before leaving.

I have to do that at a few places. Now I check as soon as they give it. Except when I forget. Good luck. Yesterday there were 4 of us to share one of the little containers. Very disappointed with the service from the cashier girl. Usually we are given our water glasses, we found them next to the cashier, no big deal, but she just seemed a bit lazy on details. Reply I did the follow couple of complaint reviews. I got a call from a Laura out of one of the offices. She apologized to no end regarding my coupon not being used by voiding the order and redo or there would have been an easy fix.

Any way Laura apologized for the bad service, She took my address. Today I received some coupons to use.

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I called to thank her, she was on vacation til next week. I also have a thank you card. I will complain, but also I will give good reviews… Just a little funny. They want to know how the staff is doing. Wish that could have happened to me when we had our cashier that forgot to take our coupon off.

Reply Visited the Baha Fresh restaurant on Dec. Specified no chips. When I picked up the in restaurant taco, the taco was buried in taco chips in the paper tray. Since did not anyone else touching my foodso I flicked off the chips onto the counter. The attendant commented that is not very nice. Sat downeat the fish taco and left the restaurant the to go taco.

On Dec 4 ,visited the same Baha fresh as the day and ordered two to go fish tacos. The attendant shorted changed me and ask for the remainder, the food preparer had to open the cash register with plastic gloves on her hands. When I received the two tacos noticed that both tacos were rolled up in one aluminum foil wraps. I asked if the two tacos could be wrapped, separately.

The ordered taker attendant pulled the wrapped tacos from the bag and one of the tacos fell to the bottom of the bag, totally disarranged, I ask if I could get a replacement tacosince the one in the bottom of the plastic bag did not even look like a taco. I ask if I could get a replacement taco. At this time the owner got up from a table with other people. He told me I was getting my money back. I received my cash money back. He then escorted me out of the restaurant, and was told not to come back and there were other places to eat. I would like to buy fish tacos from this restaurant in the future.

There was not ANY cheese? It was so dry could not eat. Here is a pic. I want a refund of Good food, good service right? Another employee, Marisa, came out to wait on customers. After waiting for awhile, I went up to the counter to ask about my order. I asked her if I could have it to go. Employees with such great customer service skills are rare. Mistakes can happen anywhere, but having an employee handle the situation so well made it a positive experience. Comments On I visited store pm Meridian, Id.

The Palo Alto store was closed last weekend and is closed again this weekend. StoreWoodland Hills Check pm. Placed an ordered today on line. I visit my mom in Medford Oregon today went to Baja Fresh on crater lake the worse food I ever had in my life. I will never support this place. I want to start off saying I really love the food from Baja Fresh.

Maybe if you have time it would pay to check the order before leaving. I did the follow couple of complaint reviews. Visited the Baha Fresh restaurant on Dec.

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