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Back Corporate Holiday Parties. Back Rehearsal Dinner Social Gallery. Sunday-funday wedding style! Sunday is still a part of the weekend and people do still enjoy their time off work, even though Monday is right next door. Wedding Weekend Start and finish your weekend out with your closest friends and family.

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We love the idea of hosting a Friday welcome party for your guests who are traveling near or far. This gives you extra time to chat with guests and for them to feel a part of your entire wedding weekend.

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Which brings us to Saturday, gather your bridesmaids, your groomsmen, friends and family for a brunch before you start to get ready for your rehearsal activities. This is a great time to shower your best gals, mates and family members with their wedding gifts and show them how much you appreciate each of them.

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Availability The key component when starting your wedding planning is your venue and their availability. Most venues do book the more popular dates close to a year out if not farther. However, their follow up would be discussing the option of a Sunday venue, which come with a lot more perks then you would think. Choosing that Sunday date opens up the possibility that all of your ideal vendors, such as photographer, planner, boutique rentals and more, are available!

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Brunch Wedding If you love to brunch and you love Sunday Funday, this is the perfect combination for you! We always enjoy a good traditional wedding day, however, we also love a wedding day that's a little outside the box as well. A late morning ceremony followed by a yummy meal, drinks, treats and lots of mingling Allow guests to still enjoy their Sunday evening and get ready for the week ahead.

Traditional Our other Sunday wedding day recommendation would be to start your ceremony a little earlier in the afternoon than normal, for example, 4pm instead of pm. This gives you the classic wedding timeline feel of ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing except it could ending by 9pm to allow guests to still have time to prep for their Monday morning. Casual or traditional, your wedding day will be stunning either way!

See our all inclusive brunch menu from Rocky Top Catering!

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We asked Laura, one of our fabulous brides, to share why she chose a Sunday and we love what she had to say! We had an easier time getting our preferred vendors since it was a less busy day, plus a few of them gave discounts on their services since it wasn't a Saturday wedding Merrimon Wynne included! Plus, having the wedding on Sunday allowed us to turn the entire weekend into a celebration; my husband's Ohio family and friends did a Durham Bull's baseball game on Friday, we had a rehearsal lunch on Saturday, and then my dad's band played for a casual party at the Burning Coal theater on Saturday night for those who were in town.

So we had plenty of time to socialize and hang out with our out-of-town guests prior to the wedding on Sunday.

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This was awesome because we got to spend a lot of quality time with our friends who had traveled down to NC for the weekend, since we didn't get to interact with them as much during the wedding itself due to the fast paced nature of the day. I don't think having the wedding on Sunday affected how much fun everyone had or how late everyone stayed either. We had a great time the whole weekend and I wouldn't have changed anything about the way everything went. Having the wedding on Sunday definitely allowed us to extend the celebration for a longer period of time, so I'd highly recommend it for anyone who's got a lot of out-of-town guests and wants more opportunity for pre-wedding social events.

Weddings fly by so quickly so any excuse to make the party last longer is a good idea in my mind! Amy Yarbrough October 20,

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