Dating friends and romance

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Here's how to get out of the friendzone. Most of us are willing to search high and low for "the one," or the person we're destined to spend the rest of our lives with. For some people, however, all of those years of looking for a partner might result in the realization that "the one" was right there all along-potentially even someone we once considered as nothing more than a friend.

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While this doesn't always or usually work out like it does in a Hollywood movieit is quite possible for two old friends to fall in love. What's Dr. Nikki says it's important to keep an open mind and not limit relationships and situations according to what you think they should be.

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You may realize that someone you ly thought of only as a friend would be an ideal romantic match. The first thing you should do, if you haven't already, is to stop and truly think about what you're looking for in a romantic relationship. Does your friend possess these qualities?

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Remember that you can't hope to change someone once you start dating. Little things like the way he or she dresses might be changeable, but not stark personality traits, so make sure you're a big fan of the way he or she handles situations and, most of all, treats you in good times and in bad. Next, if it hasn't happened naturally, you'll want to shift the way you see them. It's also important that you get a feel for what he or she is looking for when it comes to romance.

If you haven't already discussed such topics, ask him or her about their non-negotiable "must haves" in a relationship. Are they open to finding love in this season of their life? Next is the hard part: telling your friend how you feel, a move that Michele Moore, d professional counselor, certified coach, and relationship expert at Marriage Mojosays requires honesty, humility, and probably some nerve-wracking moments as you explore whether or not your "friend" may share the same desire.

She suggests going to coffee, a park, or somewhere else where you can have an extended, uninterrupted conversation. I'm wondering if you feel the same or are happy with things the way they are,' and then allow your friend to share, keeping in mind that you've sprung this on them unannounced and it may come as something of a shock," she says. Invite them to take the time they need process," he says.

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But ask them to truly think about it and even talk more later together. If your friend has not rejected you after processing the news, Morgan suggests asking him or her on a date. Pay close attention to how you feel after the two of you kiss. Is there chemistry? Or nothing at all? In the happy event that you both agree you'd like to try taking your relationship to the next level, that's great-just don't jump in with both feet. Martha Stewart Weddings. By Jenn Sinrich July 23, Save Pin More. Smiling Couple on the Beach. Credit: Getty Images.

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Dating friends and romance

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What You Should Know Before Dating A Friend