Do you need a responsible driver

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Driving a car is a huge responsibility! As the driver, you should ensure your vehicle is in good condition. Frequently, check that your tires, lights, wipers, brakes and other important parts of your vehicle are in good working condition.

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Before you start a drive, plan your route. Everyone knows not to drink and drive, but people still drive after drinking anyway. Order an Uber. If you think you may be impaired in any way. Driving requires all of your attention and your complete concentration.

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Distractions, even minor ones, can lead to fatal consequences. As a safe and efficient driver, you need to be aware of your surroundings and you will be able to do this by checking your mirror and adjusting them when necessary.

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By now every driver should know the safety benefits of wearing seat belts. Most states require seat belts. It takes ten seconds to click on a seat belt.

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To use the popular clock metaphor, keep your hands lower at either 8 and 4 positions on the clock or 9 and 3. Speed limits exist for a reason.

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The posted maximum speed limits are not just recommendations, but legal restrictions intended to ensure safe road conditions for all. When you speed reduces your ability to react to sudden driving changes and increases the chances of a collision. Be considerate of the drivers around you. Make sure that you have space to move and so do others. Other drivers on the road are not mind readers.

Use your horn or headlights when appropriate. The best way to become better and safer driver is to practice safe driving techniques.

Do you need a responsible driver

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How to be a safe and responsible driver