Get to know me and I get to know you

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If not, trust me it is worthy in everyday life stances too. Well, remember the last time you met that cute stranger? Yes, you wanted to start a conversation to know the person but failed utterly. And this is a common picture. Often, we want to know a person. But face that same dilemma — the lack of perfect prompts.

And you can master it quite well! This lets you know what to ask when you want to know about a fellow. Hence, it allows the audience to ask you various questions to have an insight into your life. Also, this makes it quite fun and trendy. So, choose the right ones at the right time, depending upon your comfort and the situation. Here we go! Indeed, the headings will guide you. In that case, likes and dislikes questions never go otherwise. Besides, you can understand if you share something in common with the person or not. A great way is — touch their personal sphere.

Psychologists say that asking questions about close relationships, childhood, etc. You can carry it like this —. Now, when you have started it, it is obvious to try to sync your comfort zone. And what can be more apt than sharing laughter for this? These funny cum weird questions make things lighter between you. This lets you know the crazy side of the person.

So, give these a try! So, knowing their perspectives towards their professional life is crucial while trying to know the person. Besides, this can lead you to a more productive chat! If things go well between you, your encounter may turn into a date. After all, you may get interested in the person. Even if not, positive flirting is healthy too. So, if you find the things in full swing, you can simply go to these questions. Really, we are not the ones we show as sane selves. Deeper, we are the illogical beings who dream. So, jumpstart a deeper conversation by entering their dream world!

We all want deeper chats. This lets you know the values, principals, and other aspects of a person. Of course, this makes a conversation complete in a real sense. Or else, the interesting aspects of their life? Here are these —. When you are in tune with each other, random questions can add a flavor to the conversation. This lets you know each other better. So, here are some additional questions on the list to make things smoother for you! Gone are the days of boring bland yes-no questions. For an exciting conversation, you need to ask great questions that can elicit great answers.

Plus, these kinds of questions are often amazing conversation starters. Especially, when you want to have a kickstart without that dramatic monologue on weather. If you could choose between being poor with your friends or a lonely rich person, what would you choose? What one thing, according to you, is taken in a very wrong way in general? So, what is your take for it? Tell about your favorite family ritual that was a part of your childhood and you miss it now. Do you think you can easily survive anywhere in the world if your basic necessities are met? Why or why not? What is the one thing that you have used today that you can abandon for the rest of your life if you have to?

Suppose you are a character of a fiction novel. Would you like to be the main lead with a sad ending or a side character with a satisfactory ending? Not all questions are helpful in understanding a person. While most of the questions are good for an entertaining pass time, only few are there which can make you know someone better. Tired of short talks? Well, here are the questions that will help you in sinking deep.

What one incident in your life do you consider as a perfect twist of a thriller fiction? These questions are pretty plain and straight. Perfect when you want to know everything in general about a person without making things too dramatic. From family members to other mostly asked questions, that covers all about a person. Now, when you are done with those simple get to know me questions, you probably would look for something more fun.

Basically, these quiz questions are the questions you can easily ask in the first meeting without restricting to the basic ones. Here we go. Introducing yourself is often a tedious task? But you can always make it a bit less bland or tiring by producing a few facts about you. These facts about me are for you to supply points when you fumble telling about yourself. How many nicknames do you have? Okay, we covered some facts to get to know someone.

Yes, it is different. Here, explore yourself. Not every time you need to ask questions that are about other people.

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Okay, here are some questions that you can ask yourself as well as others. The best thing, these questions always bring some wonderful insights that you might be ignoring.

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Be it about the other person or you. Well, trivias is always on every damn list.

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So, why leave the same when you need to get to know someone? The twist — trivia is about them. After all, they are often so witty and entertaining. So, here are some for you. Firstly, this is funny and interesting. Besides, it often opens a box of some surprising revelations about each other.

All you want is some this and that to know each other better but without the load. In those moments, you can ask these random questions.

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Either you can let them guess it for you. Or, let them share about themselves. Both ways are interesting. Kids are almost always ready with their list of questions. So, how about preparing a list of questions to ask them? These all about me questions for kids will be really helpful.

Firstly, it encourages them to share and express themselves. Secondly, it helps improve their vocabulary, knowledge, cognitive behavior, etc. And lastly, it helps you connect with them effortlessly. Get to know me, questions are not limited to social media or a casual meet chat. It can be a great medium to connect with others. Do you feel that you are heard enough in class? If not, what are the things that make it difficult for you to communicate in class?

Get to know me and I get to know you

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