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As you can see, I learned to love history from an early age. We have two boys, one who works in Denmark and the other who is locally employed. I ed LCHS soon after moving here. These are not scary tours but informative storytelling of the people interred in Fairview. The information is gleaned from researching census records, city directories, death certificates and obituaries on the selected individuals.

The LCHS is a not for profit c3 organization that holds general meetings, presents Landmark Medallions, Historic Oak Tree status recognition, sponsors tours of historic sites with their Christmas Home Tours and educational programs for all age groups in the community. They are taught by historically dressed Marms who teach them the lessons of the era of the school.

Fairview Cemetery is a Historical Cemetery that was established in shortly after the Storm. One of the first burials was Lottie Natho, a 9-year-old little girl that died of diphtheria following the storm. It is owned and operated by the not for profit c3 Fairview Cemetery Group, Inc.

And, I learned in doing research on the Civil War veterans that many of the children of the veterans married children of the opposite side whether it was daughters of Confederates marrying Yankees or vice versa. I can. I have in the past.

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If someone would like to schedule a group tour, they would need to arrange it with the President of Fairview, John Schoellkopf by calling or me at gammondc gmail. There will be a charge for the tour. No individual tours. That it is a range of very interesting people; some people in Fairview were victims of murder, some were the ones that committed the crimes.

There are the pioneers of this town and surrounding villages and owners of the historical homes of this town. To do so, please contact LCHS:. That happens when families intermarry. And it happened a lot. I also have great support from my friends in League City. Visit League City. Deborah Gammon. What do you do? How long have you lived in League City? My husband and I followed our two sons to League City exactly 14 years ago, July 24, What is your background? What organizations are you involved in?

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How did you become involved with the League City Historical Society? What is the Historical Society?

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Tell us about the Fairview cemetery: Fairview Cemetery is a Historical Cemetery that was established in shortly after the Storm. Fun fact about the Fairview Cemetery? Do you give tours?

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What interests you about League City history? How can somebody learn more League City history?

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Yes, Genealogy. I research my own family from North Carolina. I love to sew and travel. What do you love about League City? The people Favorite place in League City? Fairview Cemetery Favorite League City restaurant? Arrow Left Arrow Right.

Girl for couple Tarboro

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