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Social Proof. Competition is fierce. And simply having a presence and a nice looking web store is no longer enough to make you stand out. Even academic research into WOMM has proven its effectiveness in conversion. Nick Hajili wrote:. Therefore, trust has a ificant role in ecommerce by directly influencing intention to buy and indirectly influencing perceived usefulness. And while this all happens online, this is still WOM advertising. Organic Word of Mouth vs. Amplified Word of Mouth: Word of mouth marketing happens in 2 ways: organically and through the use of marketing and advertising campaigns.

So in this post we go into full detail on the subject:. Word of mouth will never go out of style.

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It is, and will remain, the 1 way people make choices about brands. Tactics such as setting up a cool social media ad or experimenting with AI in ecommerce may sound more exciting and like quicker wins.

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A strong word of mouth strategy at the heart of your business can lay the foundation on which to build everything else from. The Advantages of Word of Mouth Marketing: Grow sales without the ad spend: Many brands from The Hustle to Bangs Shoes and more use word of mouth marketing instead advertising spend to increase sales and fanbase. Build a community not a commodity: Word of mouth marketing works to build an engaged fan base rather than a buy and bolt customer. Higher engaged customers buy more often and recommend their friends more often, extended your return on time spent on the strategy and generating a high customer lifetime loyalty.

More funding, more freedom: Brands with high customer lifetime loyalty and therefore repeat purchases receive more angel and venture funding.

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In fact, there are three crucial factors a quality WOM marketing strategy can affect:. According to the National Law Reviewit can cost five times more to acquire a new customer than keep a current one. A positive word of mouth advertising and marketing strategy keeps customers coming back. And referring other customers. Who also keep coming back. And referring more customers…. Word of mouth marketing means your brand is being recommended in the most trustworthy context possible.

And first time browsers are much more likely to take that crucial extra step of handing over their payment details. But the only way to create a genuine buzz about your brand is to have impartial people shouting about you in the media and on social networks. Impress the right person and you might even end up getting featured in something like the New York Times.

In fact, this is the exact strategy Flash Tattoos used when they nabbed a promotion and collaboration with Beyonce. Brands thus have to focus on alternative marketing tactics, which have more cost-efficient unit economics and simply requires less of a monetary investment. Their tweet about this got more than 60, retweets. The overall campaign, which Patagonia targeted at their own customers, generated worldwide publicity and contributed greatly to their marketing efforts. Trying to get people to refer their friends and family to your business is almost impossible if they had a poor experience.

People refer others because they want to share something they love. Not just because they might get a discount voucher for doing it. Word of mouth customers convert better because they already have a level of trust and confidence in your business that has transferred to them from the person who recommended your store. People who arrive by other channels, by contrast, might know nothing about your store and have to be convinced first.

In addition, if someone has had a good experience with your company and passes this message along they are also likely to point out helpful tips i. Sell quality products. Your business will fast become more about managing returns than anything else.

So being able to source and sell quality products is crucial. The restaurant obviously spent a lot of time working on their logo de and how they looked to new customers. Word of mouth is possibly more important than ever. Creating a great and personal experience around a high quality product can lead to all sorts of virality — online and offline. If you treat customers poorly or sell lousy products, people will know and tell other to stay away. And because of social media, they can influence not only their friends but also friends of friends and beyond.

Seamless order process and site UX. They used BigCommerce to rede their site to look amazing and be easy-to-use across all devices:. This means having bulletproof processes in place to perfectly manage your inventory without overselling and a seamless fulfillment system to ensure on-time deliveries. Every customer interaction is different — but should be treated as an opportunity to impress. Zappos are the absolute masters of this. The internet is filled with a multitude of what can be seen as small, yet powerful stories about how Zappos creates wow experiences for customers every single day.

Creating an epic experience for customers is sometimes enough to get some of them shouting about you and referring others. You need to move away from hoping people tell their friends about you. And towards specific strategies that actively encourage people to refer. One of the big shifts around the concept of word of mouth is that people are spreading products in a different way. This means giving your customers something memorable. The Hustle, for instance, sends an ambassador promotion anywhere from 2 weeks to a couple months after someone s they continue to test timing for effectiveness.

Of their nearlysubscribers as of writingthis has earned them more than 4, ambassadors, each of whom recommends upward of 25 people to The Hustle. Use visual triggers.

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Disney does an amazing job of this with their theme parks. They create a stunning visual experience that people just want to take photos of and share with other people. You could create a website so stunning and unique that people just have to share it. Butease-of-use and conversions should always be your first point of call. They were among some of the first retailers to embrace Augmented Reality in a big way and created a huge online buzz when launching their AR app:. This video has 1. Do or create something unique.

Creating something totally different and out of the box is another way to trigger people into spreading the word about your business. Or that you take an old product and sell it in a completely new way. Dollar Shave Club is a fantastic example of both of these ideas. Not only did they take an old product a shaving razor and sell it in a new way via subscription to monthly grooming packages. In fact, they gained 12, customers within 48 hours of this initial YouTube video going live in and it now has over 25 million views :.

This can be done via taking something you believe in and tying your company brand closely to it on your social commerce networks, your website and anywhere you can. Content generated by your users, customers and followers can be much more powerful, engaging and shareable than run of the mill company updates and photos.

Meaning engaging your follower base in a two-way conversation can encourage them to start shouting about your business on social media — effectively endorsing and referring you to their friends and followers. Offering discounts for posts that meet certain criteria is one way to encourage this. Or running an ongoing social media competition on your own hashtag is another.

So if you want your UGC to be new, you can set the required filter. And even go a step further by creating community sections for each store on their website — filled with social proof of people loving their ice cream:. That means collecting and prominently displaying honest reviews of your service and products in as many places as possible — marketplaces, websites, in-store, social media posts and anywhere else you can think of. Alcoholic drinks retailer BeerCartel do this brilliantly on their BigCommerce store by prominently displaying product ratings in the top left and a reviews tab on the right:.

Reviews are the modern word of mouth. Word of mouth is more important and bigger than ever before. Create an official referral program. But offering systematic referral rewards is a great way to nudge happy customers into actually taking that step and introducing others to your business. So gently pushing customers towards taking action on referrals could be a game changer. Outdoor apparel retailer The Clymb does an awesome job with their referral programme, clearly highlighting it in their website header:. And they then make it super easy to share via and social media.

Even providing a pre-populated message and potential earnings according to of addresses entered:. A key caveat to mention here though is that you need to know your customer s and metrics — especially average lifetime value. This is why reward programs lend themselves particularly well to subscription services or businesses that see high customer retention. Not something most brands can do. Today, PayPal continues to lead the payments industry charge. They even sell their point-of-sale system to ecommerce brands in the exact same way ecommerce brands sell to their own customers.

Word of mouth is arguably the most important marketing tactic of any business. But if you can get 1 person to talk about your brand with 10 of their friends and 5 of them buy. Spark WOM among influencers Some people have a strong social media and online following. And hold a lot of sway with their recommendations. So getting your brand or products reviewed and talked about by relevant influencers in your industry can be a fantastic word of mouth strategy. Word of mouth marketing is often rooted in great campaigns through social influencers. Send products for free.

Looking for company and friend

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