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Jeff WeinsierInvestigative Reporter. Now, Esther Gorfinkel is living with her son and daughter-in-law and thanking the neighbors who helped her out of the building as it collapsed to the ground on Thursday in the wee hours of the morning.

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In my old age that I would see something so horrible like this? She was in her fifth floor apartment when she said she was in bed and her whole apartment shook. She was wearing just a nightgown when she got up to see what was happening. Alone and unsure of what happened and wearing only slippers on her feet, she headed down the stairwell, slowly and in shock, she said.

When she reached the garage, help appeared behind her. A group of neighbors from the 11th floor were there and carried her to safety. And then they push me, push me and push me. There was a lot of debris and we saw a hole that you can see outside. They push me. Local 10 News interviewed Albert Aguero last week. He was one of the men who carried the elderly woman out.

We asked Gorfinkel if she remembered them telling her not to worry and that she would make it to her 89th birthday.

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She told us she remembered everything about the encounter. Her son, Marcos Garfinkel, has a message for those who helped his mother. You guys are heroes. At 88, Esther Gorfinkel has to begin her life over. She has no clothes, no identification or medications. She has no bank records. Pictures in an album of my husband after the war. You know how many albums of pictures I have? Everything is in there. My poor birds are dead. She is reflecting on the friends and neighbors she lost.

Let me tell you. I have a friend on the third floor with her husband.

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Another couple she knew lived on the fourth floor. And an older lady that used to be on the seventh floor.

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So what now? We turn around. It was dark. The beach has no light. The man who helped her, Albert Aguero, is now with family in New Jersey. Gorfinkel briefly spoke to him on the phone early Monday morning and thanked him. They are expected to meet for a face-to-face reunion filled with plenty of thank yous when Aguero returns. Jeff Weinsier ed Local 10 News in September He is currently an investigative reporter for Local He is also responsible for the very popular Dirty Dining segments. Michelle F. Local 10 News Saturday 7AM.

Local News. Published: June 28, pm.

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