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There are few tooth replacement options more effective at restoring missing teeth than dental implants. Justin Braga has the tools and expertise to ensure that your next treatment is well-planned and completely successful.

Pause Play. Dental implants are essentially comprehensive tooth replacements that work to replace the entire structure of a tooth. This includes the root portion, which integrates with your existing oral structures, such as your bone and gum tissue. Not only does this integration make them look and feel more natural than other methods i. Over the years, dental implants have been accessible to more and more patients thanks to advancements in dental techniques and technology.

With that said, in order to be a viable candidate for dental implants, you will need:. In the event that you need preparatory treatments to become a candidate for dental implants, we can perform them right here in our periodontal office. Replacing a single tooth requires just one implant post and one porcelain crown. An additional component, known as an abutment, attaches the restoration to the titanium post, ensuring stability during regular use. We always use tooth-colored restorations to ensure the best esthetics possible without sacrificing durability.

To replace multiple teeth at a time, Dr. Braga places a pair of dental implants into the jaw so they can hold an implant-retained bridge. This method is ideal for replacing one or more teeth at a time, all without modifying existing tooth enamel like you would with traditional bridges. Learn About Implant-Retained Bridges. Whether you are missing several or all teeth in one or both of your arches, dental implants can be customized to fit specifically with full or partial dentures.

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With All-on-4, we can even place your denture the same day as your surgery. If you know much about dental implants, you understand that the process can take time. Unlike dentures or fixed bridges that can be placed in much less time, dental implants require a lengthier timeframe because of their permanence inside your jawbone. Known for their ability to fuse with the bone and mimic the full tooth structure from root to crown, it is necessary that you allow proper recovery time for your implants to become part of your oral cavity.

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Not only does he place the implants, but he also provides the customized restoration to complete your smile. You will meet with your dentist or your initial consultation to discuss your eligibility for dental implant placement. After a thorough examination, you may be required to undergo preliminary treatments if there are s of poor gum health, tooth decay, or jawbone deterioration.

Although these procedures can add time to the implant process, bone grafting, periodontal therapy, or a tooth extraction will ultimately allow for a more effective and successful implant placement when ready. When ready, Dr. Braga will make one or more incisions in your gums before carefully placing and angling each implant into the appropriate spot within your jawbone. You can feel even more confident about this process because of the advanced technology he will use to successfully complete your surgical procedure. Using a 3D Cone Beam Scanner, he will capture a three-dimensional image of your oral structures, allowing him to properly plan the details of your surgery ahead of time.

Once your surgery is complete, you will be sent home to recover for a span of several months. This timeframe can range anywhere from months depending on how many dental implants are put into place. Osseointegration will occur during this time, which is the process of your implants fusing with your jawbone and surrounding tissues.

Once this is complete, you will return to have your metal abutments, which are connector appliances that bring together your custom restoration and implant when put into place. The final step of the dental implant process is to receive your customized restoration. Because of the versatility of dental implants in Huntington Beach, you may have a dental crown, implant bridge, or implant denture put on top of your implants.

The type of restoration you receive is dependent upon how many missing teeth you need to have replaced with dental implants. No matter the type of restoration you receive, you can trust that Dr. Braga and his team will make sure it blends in beautifully with the rest of your smile, giving you the complete look you desire. For example, if you need to place multiple dental implants to replace teeth, it will cost more than replacing a single tooth.

If you need preparatory treatments, such as a sinus lift, bone graft, or periodontal therapy, that can also affect your cost.

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Despite this, dental implants are often seen as the most cost-effective solution to tooth loss, even if their initial price tag appears high. However, this also means that the cost of treatment will vary from person-to-person, further proving the importance of completing a detailed consultation ahead of your surgery.

We may also go over the types of implants available based on your specific concerns i. Keep in mind that the more dental implants that need to be placed, the higher your overall cost will become. For example, single implants will cost ificantly less than treatments involving four to six implants which is the case when receiving an implant-retained denture. Dental implants require multiple phases to complete, which means that each phase will come with its own specific price tag. This includes the actual oral surgery, the possibility of having an abutment or additional connector for the restoration placed, and the restoration used to cover the implant.

Furthermore, some patients may need to have bone grafting, periodontal treatment, and other services to make them eligible to receive implants. This ensures they remain stable and healthy for decades to come. However, it will also lead to a higher cost. This is just another reason why giving an upfront cost for dental implant in a single appointment is difficult, if not impossible. With that said, Dr. Braga can confidently say that they remain not only worth the investment, but a cost-effective solution for tooth loss. For example, dental implants have been proven to last substantially longer than other tooth replacement methods because of the surgical aspects of care.

Bridges and dentures often require more replacements over the years, whereas dental implants can last for the rest of your life after placement. However, some procedures related to implants can be covered up to a certain percentage, including gum therapy, consultations, and bone grafting.

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In the event that your insurance does not offer coverage or you still have a remaining balance, you can always apply for financing through CareCredit. Not only can you cover costs over several months, but you can even expect little-to-zero interest attached to your financing plan. Our team will gladly go over the process in greater detail with you directly. If you just got dental implants, congratulations! While the treatment time is longer than other options, the simply speak for themselves. In fact, ensuring the health of your smile requires regular maintenance. Braga has outlined some easy yet incredibly effective ways you can care for your implants once they have been placed.

Read on to learn more about the best steps you can take to keep your dental implants in Huntington Beach healthy and effective. At-home dental hygiene is always important, but it becomes especially ificant once you get dental implants. Plaque and bacteria can get caught between your implants and gums, causing potential issues like infection. Thankfully, this is completely avoidable by practicing these key steps:. Not only should you be eating a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables every day, but you should also include proteins, dairy products, and whole grains into your diet. Focus on vitamins and minerals known for promoting good tooth and gum health, such as Vitamins A, C, and D as well as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

Physical injury can often damage tissue around the dental implant, and in some cases, knock them out completely. Additionally, for those who may grind their teeth while they sleep, nightguards can prevent the restorations from getting damaged. Plus, the nightguard relieves your implants of extra stress caused by teeth grinding. Lastly, you should always mind your surroundings because a slip or fall could result in serious dental injury. We can also ensure that your dental implants are healthy and functioning properly.

If we notice any issues, we can catch and treat them early on to prevent more extensive and expensive dentistry down the road. Braga is more than prepared to address it as soon as it occurs. As a periodontist, Dr. Braga is particularly knowledgeable when it comes to the placement of dental implants. The total treatment time for the implant process will be different for every patient.

And of course, you need to give the implant time to with the bone before it can be restored with a crown. Overall, it can take anywhere from three months to one year to complete the process depending on your needs, dental history, overall health, and the materials used; during your initial consultation, Dr. Braga will make sure you understand the treatment timeline. Dentists have been using implants for at least half a century now, and there are plenty of studies showing the treatment to be both safe and effective.

However, a skilled periodontist like Dr. Braga can check and prepare for potential complications ahead of time, greatly increasing the odds of success.

Older women Huntington beach

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