Ready to date an asian girl

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Right from high school, I always had a thing for Asian girls. My best friend friendzone alert was a Thai girl with a great physique and personality. Fast-forward to the present day, and my marriage to an Amazing Japanese lady has taught me some things about dating Asian women.

The media has portrayed Asian wives as unidimensional. My experience with marrying one Asian woman while being best friends with another has gifted me with tips to help other guys interested in Asian girls. Even though there are similarities, cultures differ from country to country across Asia. This is more of the case with Asian girls that have spent all of their lives abroad. This is the time to consult Rosetta Stone. If you decide to get really serious with her, brace for the worst.

Well, not the actual worst — just an initial cold shoulder from her parents. This is because sometimes, her parents may already have someone in mind for her. As funny as this sounds, with Asian girls, food is a little more than just nutrients in a bowl. Apart from the chopsticks, there are some other preferences you should watch out for. Just trust me here. You also should refill cups in decreasing order of age from oldest to youngest. Another thing to expect is spicy food — a lot of spicy food. Asian girls get a lot of attention.

Foreign men have been trying to get Asian brides for themselves for a long time. This means you are probably up against some stiff competition. I fell into this trap with my Thai best friend. Try spicing up your interactions with her and not being a Goody-two-shoes about it. Asian girls are intuitive. I advise that you remain true to her and be truthful. Coming clean with her will show how dedicated you are to the love you share.

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Ready to date an asian girl

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