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Paragraph operations are made directly in the full article text panel located to the left. Paragraph operations include:. Zone operations are made directly in the full article text panel located to the left. Zone operations include:. I will bo glad if mix rciiicr who lui! Kulea of clmuette arc alwavs disiegartletl when membeii of u family aro on really friendly teirus with one another It would be tnoio thoughtful not to piy surprise visits, but in mobt casca the informality would only nidicat» a very friendly feeling If there is not that friendly feeling then the act is one of diBcourteay.

J-he lemon pulre in tho sponge bith would be veiy good, but a little diving ioi the bkm if tibcd often. Dying Swan was not danced by Genee, but by her premiere danseuse, It li,[? Uiii'iibitl at-K for ndvico as to the tieatment; 01 liLr daughter, who is xcrj 'bands". J11 a matter of this ' md J should advise von to consult vour oxxn medltil m.

Holly Colac nsl s for the name of a suitublo matciial foi wealing next summer and also for suggestions foi n fiock m a giecn shade to be Morn nt n wedding m. Vpril fahn would liko to xxcnr a daik feii. Wanaxxco asks for adwee about alter ing a tailor made txxill costume xxliich is out of fashion She ulso asks whether a knitted oi a xclx oteen frock would bo suit ablo foi ii little gil j of four jeal s old.

Llderlv Western Plains asks whether ensemblo silts will be woin next autumn Sho nsks whether a coat flock vxould b. Vfter tho skirt lins been unpicked it should bo pressed with n hot non used over a damp cloth This should r cm ox o the pleat marks If the skirt is at all stamc 1 it should be cleancl by sponging it with warm watei to which a httlo ammonia lins been addr-d Shoe trees keep Bhoes i good shape but if used with soft leather oi suede shoes aio sometimes inclined to stietcli them a little Soft paper emslie I up should bo used to keep soft.

I would ti j first of nil pouring warm water through from a lie ght and then gentlj rubbing the spot with i clean white cloth holding a pad of cloth underneath J hen press the di ess dix xvith a hot iron If this is not successful rub a little salt m nnd then pour the warm water through 1 nut Btams nre I am afraid very difficult.

A Grateful Subscriber asks for dncc tions for knitting a jumper She is unable to procuie the pittcin she lequires male in n similar waj to a jumper suit with Peter Pan collin She also asks if vane gated wool will bo worn this winter. Directions for tho jumper required will bo found m Hie Australasian next week I think that jumpers in tawnj shades brown and green or other plain colouis will be moie popular than jumpers in vane gated shades. Dimboola nsks what will lenoiate mixer material which has become tarnished where it was folded. I do not know of nnjthing that will im proxe tarnished tissue Almost any pre parafions that seem to improx o the appear ance do so only temporal llj and Icaxe ti e fabric w orso than before.

Perplexe 1 Chelsea nsks what shoes and stockings should be worn with a na'xy blue ensemble tuit and also whether it. Home time ago a correspondent rtmovetl a remn stnin with proof spirits of wine Soak the btun in lim Hpint for i «holt lime» to dlssohc tho icmn. Ihcn pour a Utile clem spirit through tho stain H should not require tubbing, but may bo rubbed gently with a piteo of cotton wool. It will almost certainly bo netcssaiy to wash the diera lifter dealing with tho Blain. Jumper suili nie iirj popular, and, with ensamblo suits, will bo greatly worn this xvinter I oxv coats mid skirts aro being worn A top coat will bo necessary, how ex cr, foi wcaring with tho jumper suit in the colder weather UrtleBs maun of heavy matinal cnscmblo suit« aro moro suitable for wearing in tho autumn and spring.

K cold Drain the eueumbeis and placo them in n. Cox cr and. Mako ii Ijo by using lib of flesh wood ashes. In placo of tim abovo lye 4oz. The following recipe is, I think, tho one requiredb. Cut the tomatoes in medium sized pieces, place thom nn a disli, nnd sprinklo thom with ono handful of salt. Slice the onion« and put Hiern on a.

Let both toinnlocs nnd onions stand for 12 hours, and then drain olf all the liquid.

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Put tomatocH and onions in n stewpnn, add tho migar and iilmott cover thom with the vinegar. Put On the fire and boil for five minutes. Then add tim cayenne, and stir in tho curry poxvder and mustard, which liavo boen mixed with cold vinegar. Tomato Sanco with Acetic Acid. Put into a pieserving pnn and boil lor two hours, then Btrain through tho colander. Iteturn the pulp lo the preserving pan and add lib. Boil for two horn», then add 4 drachm of oil of cloves. Doll all together for two houis and strain through n colander. Then add Jib. If very thick make tho amount of vinegar ono pint.

Add more salt if-tho flavour seeing to need it. Boll for txvo hour» more. Cork while hot, und seal willi wax. If a sweeter and more. When cooked run through a colandei. Put the pulp back into the pan with the other ingre- dients, the cloves, nl »pice, and mustuid seed being tied in ii mlisliu bug. Jlotlle when cold. Coi I: the bottles tightly, nnd dip tho ends ill molten sealing wax or pttraftiu.

Stoio in a cool, airy place. The viue'gar wus boiled in an aluminium preserving pan nijd left for 10 hours. When my coriespondent poured nil the vinegar off shu found tlnrk maries Botnew-lmt like verdigris in the bot- tom of the pun. She asks whether it is safe to use the pickles. No ueid shoilld ever be allowed to uland in aluminium vessels. It in fitted xx'ilh double knives and a snfpty feeder.

The folloiving urn the recipes asked for: Cut tho,lemons hilo very ililli slices, re- moving the pips. Put lito fruit into nu cftitheil-wiiro boxvl, covering xxith water, alloxving ono pint of wutcr to each large lomon. Let it stand for txxo clnjs, then boll. Boil till it xxiii set nilen I enteil. Be cjirofill tn remove all scum um it risoH, or the jelly xx'ill not be cli'ilr. The sugary condition in. The trouble must be, I think, due to the effect of the dry teason on the flint. It would be worth while to try another. Place them in a Btcxxing-iinii xxith enough water to cover them.

Boil until tender. Thou add the liquid to the Juill,-lifter straining through a colander. The peel and pips contain all thu jellying properties, and nail lo tho flavour and consistency of the. The only recipe I hax'e for apple cake with eggs contains no cornflour, ft is us follows:-Half a pound butter. Bent the butter mid sugar to a cream, add the eggs, anil beat well, then add a little of the Hour, then the soda dis- solved m milk, und finally the rest of the flour,-with the cream of tartar sifted in it.

If liked a little grated lemon, rind may also be added. Divide the mixture in'half. If preferred the cake may be baked in a tart tin. The cake may tye. It should then be slightly browned in the oven. Perhaps some reader could supply a recipe with.

It used not to do this, but bIio is making more flaky pastry noxx- and xvonders if this is. The pics aro cither filled too full or cooked too" quickly underneath. If the jifice boils hard it bubbles up and spills over. Try putting a little less fruit in the pies and cooking rather moro gently. It is a good plan to use a "pie-raiser" m fruit pies as'well as in meat pics. Then the jujee can collect under this. I myself used to have this trouble, and speaking -of it to a friend one day who, by.

I do not waste any time cutting off tho ends, as they can alxx-ays be cut off when cold, but roll it quickly in the damp cloth as soon as it comes out of tho oven, having the jam at hand to spread, so that no time is lost. Since fol loxving this method I can'safely say that I have not had a failure.

The mixture should not be thick. From 10 lo 15 minutes in a moderate. I usually fold a single sheet of pupcr the required size and make a tray by securing the corner xvith pins, then pour my mix- ture into this and spread evenly, and bake for from 10 to 15 minutes, I hax-o ready some jam, warmed if thick, a dish of water, and a clean cloth. Then I turn it on to the- towel, moisten the jiapor xvith the xvater until it peels off. Beat three eggs and half a cup of sugar about 10 minutes until thick; then add three-quarters of a cup of self-raising flour, sifted, and fold in gently xvith a spoon.

Spread on a well-buttered paper and cook in a fairly hot oven from five to seven minutes. Then turn out on to a damp cloth covered xvith a sheet of paper sprinkled with castor Biigar. Sprinkle castor sugar on roll and roll up. When cool uni oil gently and spread with jam. She found it very successful. The following is the recipe required: Half a cupful butter, one cupful sugar, one I cupful flour, half a cupful mroxvioot, one ta. Ice xvith white ' icing.

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Colour, some cocoanut pink and sprinkle it on the white icing. Then pour it into'flour and "mix. Bake in n moderate oven until golden -brown. Milk bread or Vienna bread makes nicer sandxxiches than ordinary bread. Fresh bread should be used, and the knives should be very sliiirp. Seasoning such as mustard or lemon juice and vinegar is more evenly applied if mixed xvith the butter used. The, following are good recipes:-Kgg and Curry. Mock Oyster. Boil two sets of brains for seven minutes, then beat and add a large teaspoonful of an ehox-y sauce, a little cayenne pepper, a little lemon juice, and a tublc-spoonful ot cream.

Mix xvell together and spread on b1 ices of malt bread and butter. Olive and Anchovy. Stone and mince the olives, mix xvith the anchovies, and put between thin slices of bread and butter. Cheese Paste. To txvo table-spoonfuls of grated cheese add a tcaBpoonful of dry mustard, n tcaspoonful of AVorcestei shire.

Mix all thoroughly together, spread on thin biead and butter, lay moi'e bl ead and butter on top, and cn I'nto thin. Bloater Paste. Stand eight led heriings in boiling xvater for five minutes. Then skim them and le move the centre bone.

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Pack into small gars and pour oiled butter on top. This paste will keep for sime time. Lemon Cheese. AVipe the lemons, grate the yellow part of the rind into a boxvl, squeeze in the juice, slightly beat the eggs, and add both'the Migar'and butter. Cook in a double saucepan or in the boxvl standing in a saucepan of boiling xvater. Cook for 15 minutes after' it begins to thicken, stirring noxv and then. Nut sandwiches may be made fioni any variety of nuts desired. The nuts should he passed Ihrough 4i line mincer and nicely salted.

Seeking real woman in eau Bilpin

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