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While in that position, Ted helped develop the exact investigative procedures followed in high-level felony criminal cases across the state.

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Ted McClintock knows precisely how police, prosecutors, and investigators will work to obtain evidence to convict you. Attorney McClintock leverages this knowledge to your advantage, giving you the best possible chance of avoiding a criminal sex offense conviction. A criminal sexual assault charge is particularly devastating to the accused because often they are made in the circumstances with little corroboration, evidence, or witnesses.

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These are highly specialized charges powered by a group of equally specialized prosecutors from the District Attorneys Special Victims Unit aggressively looking to make registered sex offenders out of every case they prosecute. Sexual offense charges can carry a potential life sentence in prison or probation and restrict those accused from even having contact with their own family and children.

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We have defended persons from all walks of life: military, civilian, engineers, doctors, teachers, school board members, and other attorneys. We take great pride in handling our clients as individuals and not s. We are here to be on your side. We know that clients make mistakes, and most are filled with regret and remorse and want to find a way to keep their lives from falling apart.

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And some of our clients are under attack by false allegations and require a defense to be mounted to protect their reputation, employment, family, and freedom. Each criminal defense case requires a specialized and individual approach.

Unlike most highly acclaimed attorneys, Ted McClintock is one of the most approachable trial attorneys you will ever meet.

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Ted is very direct and down to earth, and maintains a light case load to ensure that each client receives his very best criminal defense efforts. Search for:. Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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Sex in the Colorado Springs

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