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Arnhem Child. All Babies Kiddies Littles. Forever Young. All Sale. All Accessories. About Arnhem Our Makers. Our Fabrics Our Packaging. A Better World. Arnhem Journal. Log in. Close cart. Get rewarded while you shop The Loop. Each morning I take my little Poppie for a walk around our quiet neighbourhood and then I make my usual coffee short black and green or banana smoothie. We have been very fortunate lately of having some amazing sunshine, so I have been spending a lot of my time outside in our garden. I actually love gardening, so I am loving being at home more to help it flourish.

I have most recently been reading American Psycho.

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If you haven't watched Unorthodox yet I think it is well worth it. I am actually just finding inspiration from corners of our home right now. I have been loving sharing more of my normal everyday life and feel more than ever that I am sharing more of me too. And the fun part! It feels like a luxury to have this time to cleanse and align things. We as humans tend to live mostly from our minds, which is required to get the job done, but uniting mind with heart is where our true power lies. But not getting too caught up in them, more so staying up to date on what influential spiritual leaders worldwide are saying and hinting about this current pandemic.

My daily dose of inspiration is coming from so many beautiful people and brands. I am inspired by our whole global community and their reaction to this crisis. People are opening their hearts and arms helping others in need out, uniting together now more than ever, and brands are getting really creative in how they can further support their community to soften the blow. SALLY of sallymustang. I have also been doing yoga each afternoon.

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Writing letters to post in the mail to my loved ones and we just started planting our veggie garden for autumn. Reading fantasy novels which is a great escape from this world ha Also been watching a lot of movies that make me feel like I have travelled somewhere- Into the wild Eat pray love Frida Harry Potter series. I have been wearing basically nothing, being a new mum and breast-feeding lots, your beautiful underwear makes me feel sexy. Getting up with the sun every day, making a coffee and moving my body by stretching or working out has been a saving grace to keep my sanity while self-isolating!

It's also been fun having more time to try out new recipes and spend more time making healthy meals and treats. I'm currently re-reading the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People — an oldie but a goodie! It's helping me stay motivated and keep myself able while everything slows down a bit.

I've also been catching up on shows as of late; my top ones are Ozark, That 70's Show and Suits. I've been living in comfy clothes nonstop, but always make sure to get out of my pjs right away, so I don't slip back into bed! My go-tos have been flowy dresses as they're a great way to stay comfy but still look and feel!

I've always found inspiration in nature. Even though my days look much different now, I still try to get outside, breathe in the fresh air and soak up a little bit of sunshine. It's amazing how much your mindset can change when you let a little nature in! To be honest, I'm just going back to basics and am allowing myself to enjoy the slow down.

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I don't think I realised how much energy I was spilling out, day in and day out. Running your own business really is tough! I'm early to bed and early to rise. I move my body daily, I eat well and keep hydrated. I'm expressing myself through many different mediums and am exploring the expanses of my creativity. It's a lot of fun. For me, it's all been about going inward. I'm terrible when it comes to books.

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I wish I could absorb them all, all at once and it's because of this that I'll half read one, pick up another and then another and another. I'm cross pollinating, which makes it almost impossible to remember where I've read what. Last night I watched Pierrot Le Fou, oh my, the colours! I'm wearing whatever is comfortable - usually a sweater and socks or one of my vintage nightgowns. A few years ago I made a list of all of the things I wanted to create and I'm working my way through this.

I'm not sure where I draw inspiration from. Ideas come to me from the most random places within my psyche.

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I'm inspired by my old journal entries, the places I've been and artisans past and present that I admire. Finding time for balance not all work and no play and vice versa and regularly checking in with myself and responding to that. Trying to maintain as much of my old routine as possible! Finding time to be creative and unleash my energy when I have it, and rest when I don't- these are stressful and exhausting times.

Also disconnecting from social media and the news when I'm feeling overwhelmed : we don't need to be connected all the time. I think it is very easy to find the news anxiety-provoking right now, so I like to step out into my backyard and get some fresh air and spend some time playing or cuddling with my dog when that happens to me. Finding positivity every day, reminding myself of the things I can control and using that as a focal point to set the tone for my day, rather than negativity and focusing on things I have no control over.

I have to read a lot for my university studies I am studying interior architecture and French at university, and am being privately tutored and mentored in Archaeology and Ancient History so I've been reading prescribed literature and visual content for my de units, reading a book for French called "L'Analphabete" by Agota Kristof, plus non-fiction books on Mesopotamia, Babylon and the Roman Empire for my tutoring.

As far as fiction goes, I've just finished re-reading "The Book Thief" by Markus Zuzak, who is an Australian author this book was one of my favourites during high school. Watching: I've just gotten into "Peaky Blinders" and I'm re-watching newer seasons of "The Crown" and, for a bit of a laugh, "New Girl" and "The Office" interchangeably when I'm in the mood for something a little more comical.

Finally, wearing: I've been making an effort to get out of my pyjamas straight away in the morning, as I normally would and still get dressed as usual.

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I also have been loving wearing a kimono like the Lelani tied up so it looks like a wrap dress, or even undone over a short dress or singlet and shorts combo! Focus on comfort for me- nothing too tight or restrictive, lots of beautiful colours and patterns to uplift myself and just wearing old favourites, it brings me a lot of joy to get dressed up and wear my favourite pieces!

I'm finding inspiration from all kinds of places- quotes, books, journaling, photography, Pinterest boards, talking with friends and families I've been writing a lot of goals and aspirations out in a daily and weekly format for myself and having something concrete to work towards has helped me stay engaged in what I'm doing! Setting time aside to explore different creative outlets I think is really important right now when we can feel a little limited and boxed in. And still keeping up with things that I usually do that are creative: I am a dance teacher and choreographer so right now I am unable to work with my students but I can continue to choreograph and practice so that when this is all over I can come back stronger than ever!

I've been learning choreography via video from some of my favourite dance choreographers too, instead of going to classes, teaching myself new songs or monologues for when I can go to auditions again. Right now, I think it is the time to really ask yourself: "what are things I've always wanted to do but, in my usual day to day life, never find the opportunity to do so? Sometimes, that is harder to determine than you might hope- that is where I find journaling to be really helpful, particularly ones that provide you with tasks or activities to fill out, that can help you set intentions and daydream a little : I was supposed to go overseas for an exchange program with my degree this year and, to help me stay inspired and motivated, I'm continuing to research dreamy destinations so that, when it is time to travel again, I'll be ready and as excited as ever!

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Sexy girls Arnhem

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