Single dad looking for friend

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Inside: Finding friends as a single mom takes work, intention, and patience. But knowing where to look helps too. Here are 7 ways to find friends as a single mother. Would you rather listen to this post? Click below to listen. You can also subscribe to Grace for Single Parents Podcast for more.

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Maybe you had lots of couple friends before your divorceand afterward, your friends either took sides not yours or everyone felt awkward inviting you, the single parent, to couples and family get-togethers. Regardless of how you found yourself without friends in this stage of your life, even married moms recognize finding new friends as an adult is just plain hard. Add in the fact that you rarely get a break. But before you read further know this: it takes work, intention, and patience. You must be the friend you want. Depending on the size of the church, they may be able to match you up with other women in similar life stages as you.

I was involved in three small groups until I discovered I struck gold. At the same time, give God plenty of time to work on your heart and the others in your group. It takes time to get to know other people. Be open to the others you see around you and go at the same time every day.

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If you have a baby and are breastfeeding, attend a Le Leche League meeting. These are super casual, and everyone is so inviting. You can bring your older children and no one even bats an eye. You should be able to find evening meetings and weekend events. You too?

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I thought I was the only one. All of which will bring the same people back and allow your child to be and they will expect you to bring your other children. These are groups of moms that get together times per month, and either do a craft or learn something fun while having meaningful conversations.

Most churches have an evening offering and offer childcare at the same time.

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Try a new Social Media channel. Facebook groups can sometimes leave you feeling a little empty. Girlfriend Circles allows you to connect with other women who are also working on making new friends, including single moms. My neighbor was a single grandpa that became like a grandpa to my children.

I know how tempting it can be to read through this list and decide to stay at home instead. I tried that approach. Honestly, the only way to make friends is to get up, get out of your house and put yourself out there. Hey there, I'm Jen! I've been a single mom for over eight years. I know firsthand how hard the single parent journey can be.

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Single dad looking for friend

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7 Ways to Make Amazing Friendships as a Single Mom