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Session 1 The first, Updating our Status: Social Media and Social Work Ethics, will examine the intersection of social media, the online world, and technology and our ethical practice as social workers. The workshop will explore specific cases and questions about our work in the digital age in the context of the NASW Code of Ethics and the practical and clinical experience of other participants.

In addition, participants will be invited to explore their own feelings, reactions, attitudes and beliefs as relates to the online world and their practice and to develop and discuss clinical approaches with clients that take into a diverse, tolerant approach to the digital world we all now navigate. Learning objectives of the course: After completing this course, participants will be able to: 1.

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Identify three personal or cultural assumptions, feelings or beliefs guiding their attitudes and practices related to the online world, social media or the use of technology in practice. Apply principles within the NASW Code of Ethics to clinical scenarios related to the online world, technology or social media.

Identify three ways to protect the safety and confidentiality of clients in the digital world.

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Lisa began writing and thinking about the ethics and influence of technology and social practice as an MSW student and has continued to teach, write, and learn about these issues throughout her career as a social worker since With an MA in international print journalism and a prior career in public relations and communications, Lisa has experience with and knowledge of the practical elements of technology and social media that she blends with her practice as a social worker and brings to these workshops.

Session 2 The second workshop is Getting It On! A combination of discomfort with the topics and lack of knowledge often lead to us avoiding these discussions.

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In this workshop, you will learn to gain insights into working with clients utilizing a sex-positive approach to sexual expression. Participants will learn an objective tool to help guide conversations around sexual health as well as discuss real-world case studies. Learning Objectives: As a result of this workshop, participants will: 1. Understand the principles of sexual health.

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Gain insight into client-centered social work relevant to sex. Be able to guide their work through a sexual health ethical framework. Who can participate: These courses are appropriate for social workers at the following levels of practice: beginning and intermediate. Because both workshops are highly participatory and draw heavily on clinician questions and scenarios, they are applicable to a wide range of social workers at varying levels of experience.

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Intermediate: Intermediate level social workers who may have developed a more cohesive professional identity and values will be able to explore how social media may or may not fit into that identity and their values. They may explore and benefit more from a discussion of strategies for managing clinical scenarios related to social media based on those that have emerged in their prior experience. In addition, they will have an opportunity to reflect on and review practices they have been engaging on and to assess their appropriateness in light of the NASW Code of Ethics and input from other clinicians.

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Space is limited. RSVPs do not ensure a space will be provided.

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Last Date:. DC Rape Crisis Center invites you to attend two 3-hour workshops! Contact: Tammi Hogan. : mailto: [ protected].

Social sex Dc

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Sex, symptom, and premorbid social functioning associated with perceptual organization dysfunction in schizophrenia