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A law firm representing Rudy Giuliani in the Ukraine affair is locked in a bitter court battle with a former partner that has revealed allegations of financial misconduct, sexual assault and office masturbation.

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Their departures were first reported by the New York Law Journal. Giuliani, President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, is under scrutiny for his dealings in Ukraine where he led an effort to damage Joe Biden and force out the U.

The former New York mayor, who has insisted his activities in Ukraine violated no laws and were done in service of defending the president amid the special counsel probe, did not respond to requests for comment. He claimed in his suit that he was retaliated against after he says he learned that John Pierce was misusing money loaned to the firm. The alleged incident took place on a Sunday in early Julythe suit says. When Lewis spotted the employee, the suit says, he walked over to her with his pants down and groped her while continuing to masturbate.

The countersuit says Lewis ignored her demands to stop, prompting the alleged victim to pull away from him and barricade herself in a bathroom until he left the office. The employee kept the incident to herself for the next three months, Pierce Bainbridge says in the suit, in part because Lewis had told her that her job would be in jeopardy if she reported the incident. She ultimately did so after Lewis was appointed to become her next supervisor, the suit says. Lewis was placed on administrative leave.

An outside firm brought in to investigate the allegation later determined her to be credible, the suit says.

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Lewis filed a second suit the following month, accusing Pierce Bainbridge of launching a "scorched earth war" against him and citing LinkedIn posts from John Pierce that labeled Lewis a "terrorist" and a "credibly accused sex predator. The two sides filed dueling motions through last October when a pair of Giuliani associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, were arrested on campaign finance violation charges brought by federal prosecutors in New York.

They have pleaded not guilty. The prosecutors are looking into whether Giuliani broke any laws in connection with his activities in Ukraine, law enforcement officials have told NBC News. The following month, Giuliani announced that he was being represented by Pierce Bainbridge, and specifically Creizman and Madrigal, as well as his longtime friend Robert Costello, who works at a separate firm. The lawyers reached out to federal prosecutors but received no information about an investigation involving Giuliani and have yet to hear back, said a person familiar with the matter.

A Los Angeles judge dismissed the Pierce Bainbridge countersuit against Lewis in December for lack of jurisdiction, but his claims against his old firm are ongoing. The woman says Lewis sexually assaulted her while they were alone in the New York office on a quiet holiday weekend.

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Pierce Bainbridge has hired an outside lawyer to help defend the firm — Marc Mukasey, a longtime Giuliani ally who has also represented President Trump. Mukasey referred questions to Pierce Bainbridge.

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His case, too, shall pass. Pierce downplayed the loss of eight partners and said the firm has added roughly the same of lawyers. Over the last eight months, the court battle has generated a stream of headlines in the legal press.

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But just this week, Pierce Bainbridge announced that it also represents Carterthe former Trump campaign adviser who filed a defamation suit against the Democratic National Committee and the law firm Perkins Coie related to the Steele dossier. Pierce Bainbridge has another high-profile client in Tulsi Gabbard, a Democratic presidential candidate who is suing Hillary Clinton for defamation after the former secretary of state called her a "Russian asset.

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The Lewis case took an unexpected turn last month when Pierce Bainbridge filed court papers saying it just realized Lewis had ed an arbitration clause that bars him from suing the firm. A judge has yet to rule on the matter. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser.

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Wife looking sex Rudy

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